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Disable Threaded View in Mozilla Thunderbird

This is just a quick tip for those looking to disable threaded view in their favorite FOSS email client, Mozilla Thunderbird. If you're looking for where the sort options moved, look no further than the screenshot in this blog post. In the top right of the email client...

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Fix Gaomon PD2200 Pen Display Not Working

Sometimes, the fix is simple.

I bought the Gaomon PD2200 pen display way back in min 2020 as a replacement/upgrade for my Artisul D13 pen display, which wasn't working quite as well with the specific software I was trying to use at the time. I was tired of the Artisul software incompatibility issues, so I sought out Gaomon as a better compatibility with most software alternative with a similar price range. Both are still great pen displays even today (in 2024), and they'll probably both stand the test of time and last quite a while. The Artisul one is now in my wife's desk space and used sparingly for signing documents and occasionally for her to doodle or make Canva designs. The Gaomon pen display is still my daily driver.

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Reset your Drupal password without email.

I deal with Drupal sites often, and one of the most often recurring issues is a forgotten/lost password for the admin account. Sometimes, the site isn't yours, and you simply were told the wrong info to log into the site but you have FTP access. Other times, you simply don't want to go through the hassle of sending yourself an e-mail, clicking a reset link, and editing your password through the profile settings page. There has to be an easier way, right? Righto.

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What is FOSS? Why should anyone support it?


FOSS is short form of Free Open Source Software. At this point, you may be thinking, "Wait, isn't open source always free?" The answer is simply no. Free is a relative term and can have multiple meanings depending on what context it is used in. In the case of open source projects, you are always free to openly share the source code, but that is the only right you are definitely permitted. Free open source refers to another set of rights, the freedom to redistribute commercial products based on the open source project. It also means being free of viral licensing requirements, like being obligated to share the source code of something that is based on an open source project.

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