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Disable Threaded View in Mozilla Thunderbird

Tue, 21 May 2024, by Syrsly

This is just a quick tip for those looking to disable threaded view in their favorite FOSS email client, Mozilla Thunderbird.If you're looking for where the sort options moved, look no further than the screenshot in this blog post. In the top right of the email client, there's a button titled "Quick Filter" and to the right of that is an icon you can click to access the view modes and "Sort by" options. Under the sort options is a "Unthreaded" option right at the bottom of the list.

You're welcome.

Threaded view is enabled by default, and there's reason for that view to exist, but I find myself missing important email responses because they get hidden in the collapsed threads. I would rather the threaded view beoff by default and turn it on only when I need it.