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WTF Happened June 2024

Sometimes, you just need a recap.

This is the third recap post, affectionately titled "WTF Happened," so hey, Syrsly here! This is a monthly news post of sorts. I'll use these recaps to briefly cover cool, exciting and also not-so-good and downright terrible events which happened in and around the past month. I'll cover things like world news, movies, TV shows, tech, VR, personal projects (like this blog), cool game releases, and anything I find out during the month that I personally think is worth mentioning. I ask around on social media toward the end of each month for ideas, and I may or may not steal credit for the news I place here! I will cite references when it suits me! Moving on....

In the first two WTF Happened articles, I separated news into categories. I think this was a mistake, because it adds unnecessary effort trying to make everything fit into broad categories and makes it too easy to focus on one type of news when the whole point is to recap everything noteworthy! What do you mean, "Stop screaming"? Well, let's change things up. From now on, this blog series will start with something good - at least something I *think* is good - alternate between good and bad news, and end with something else that's good!

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