My Move Away From Wordpress

Thu, 05 May 2016, by Syrsly

While Wordpress was and still is a great blog platform, I have never really wanted my site to be a generic blog. I felt like my site was too bland and uninteresting for the longest time. I really felt like I could do better since I am a professional web developer. In April of 2016, I finally decided to create a new site design and implement it without the help of Wordpress or any other CMS. As of May 4, it is finished and online.

I can't help but feel a little proud about this accomplishment, even though I've accomplished greater feats in the past, because it has been a long while since my last web project. I took a long hiatus because I was getting my life together, making a living and living life to its fullest as best I can. That's the real purpose of this blog post, too. I want to acknowledge that my life is officially going OK.

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