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Unity3D Assets I Currently Utilize

Wed, 15 Feb 2017, by
Following up on a previous post about Unity assets I love, I wanted to showcase what I'm currently using in my Unity game development and VR development workflow.
  1. I still use an old version of Dialoguer (the free one posted on Reddit) for dialogue trees, but I've been making a more robust tool of my own on the side and will be utilizing my own solution very soon.
  2. For the UI, I no longer use Daikon Forge due mostly to the developer scrapping the project, but thanks to Unity's new UI system (UGUI), I'm not missing anything. I sometimes wish I went with NGUI for its extremely cool feature set, but Unity's built-in GUI framework works wonders already.
  3. Chronos provides me with an effect that is also potentially a gameplay element: time control. This enables me to effectively control the speed of various groups of objects and have time distortion fields and even rewind time. It's not as easy to use as I'd like, but it's still a very fine piece of work.
  4. VRTK is an awesome toolkit for adding Vive and Oculus Touch support to your games. It also can provide way more examples of common VR scenarios than you'd expect of a free asset.
  5. Vive Stereo Rendering Kit provided me with some essential shaders and scripts and example scenes for working with VR effects and specifically helped me implement a VR-friendly mirror reflection. One of the mirror examples is also a portal!
  6. I still utilize my collection of environmental models from Big Environment Pack for prototyping outdoor scenes.

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