Syrsly's Stream Schedule

Monday 2/1: Halo MCC (hope it works), Cyberpunk 2077.

Wednesday 2/3: Cyberpunk 2077.

Friday 2/5: Tilt Brush setup maybe? Cyberpunk 2077, Inferno Climber.

Satvrday 2/6: Pistol Whip (short session to start out the day), Tilt Brush in mixed reality with Liv (mostly just a chill stream), Tokyo Chronos (Viveport), Ven VR Adventure (Viveport). Later, I might do an art stream!

Cyber Monday 2/8: Cyberpunk 2077.

Wednesday 2/10: Jetpack vacation (SteamVR), Konrad's Kittens (SteamVR), The Unwelcomed (SteamVR).

Friday 2/12: Firebird - The Unfinished (SteamVR)

Satvrday 2/13: Today, we're going back to obscure VR games we missed or overlooked. Pistol Whip (short session to start out the day), VRange (SteamVR), ZomDay (SteamVR), QBike (SteamVR), JetX VR (Steam), Boxed In (SteamVR), Buried Alive VR (Steam), Reficul (SteamVR), Iron Blood VR (SteamVR), The Blood Eclipse (SteamVR), EscapeVR: The Basement (SteamVR), EscapeVR: Trapped Above the Clouds (SteamVR), VR2: Vacate 2 Rooms (Steam), Puzzle Island VR (Steam), not sure what else yet.

Satvrday 2/20: An unusually long, unusually random stream with 1 VR game at the end, L.A. Noire (Viveport). That last game, La Nour, was very bugged and we hit a game ending bug pretty early.

Monday 2/22: Cyber Monday! We play Cyberpunk 2077 for 1-2 hours then more Ori!

Wednesday 2/24: Quantum League then Hellbound.

Friday 2/26: Rogue Heroes, Kukoro with viewers, and finally Cyberpunk 2077.

Satvrday 2/27: Syrsly's Game Development Assets Tour: See Past Broadcasts! This day wasn't scheduled and we played it by ear.

Monday 3/1: Cyber Monday! We play Cyberpunk 2077 for 1-2 hours then Valheim!

Wednesday 3/3: Hellbound then Valheim!

Satvrday 3/6: Syrsly's Game Development Assets Tour: Hexabody + Hurricane VR (Unity 2019). VR Variety (Steam): flyingshapes: Next Gen VR CAD, Flipside Studio (uses a lot of Polygon Unity assets), The Cable Center: Virtual Archive, Museum of Symmetry, Pane In The Glass, Nick, Playground VR, Sommad, Pinball FX2 VR, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, Back to Dinosaur Island (no longer sold, may not work), The Cubicle, and The Assembly.

Satvrday 3/13: Syrsly's Game Development Assets Tour: More will be added to list soon! VR Variety (Steam): Deisim (major updates soon), Relax Walk VR, Blueshift, Space Slam, Thunder Spheres, WackyMoles, Proton Pulse, Valkyrie Blade, 4089: Ghost Within, 5089: The Action RPG, The Bond, Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut, and Legend of Dungeon.

Friday 12/24: VR Variety (Steam): Beats Fever (getting the Dec 24th achievement)

Regular Schedule

Sundays (sometimes): Coop with HistoryGal and other friends, sometimes play viewer games like Jackbox Party Packs.

Mondays (evening after work): Any interesting VR titles we didn't have time for during the weekend (or forgot about). Otherwise, we play non-VR titles.

Wednesdays (evening after work): Random titles I've received from the devs/publishers or had in the backlog for a while.

Fridays (evening after work): VR title if we have something new or just some random games I'm in the mood for or an art stream.

Satvrdays: Very long VR stream day with a lunch break host. What? I gotta eat.

Backup Options

The following are some games I plan on playing in the near future which are currently available to me. If something else doesn't work or just isn't fun, I can use these games as a fallback plan.

UnderMine (note to self: search for it in Windows start menu), Jackbox Party Pack 2/3/4, Rime, Inferno Climber, Seven, Rise Of Industry, Stars End, Hyper Parasite, Colony Siege, Outpost Zero, Primordia, Zelda BOTW (Wii U), Risk Of Rain 2, Doom Eternal, Overwatch, Fantasy Blacksmith, Infinite Dronin, Colony Siege, Woodle Tree 2, Mayhem in Single Valley: Confessions.

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