Good VR

What is "good VR"?

When I say "good VR", I'm talking about VR games, apps, and experiences which really make you want VR if you don't have it or make you appreciate the VR you already have. Below is a categorized list of some of the best VR games, apps, and experiences.

Command Description/Examples
Daily OVR Daily OVR is the best way to interact with your desktop apps in VR without too much performance overhead. It works incredibly well, but it has some compatibility issues with Liv.
XS Overlay While I find DailyVR a lot easier to use, XS Overlay is still a great application to replace it if you need something that doesn't mess with Liv or want something a little less ugly.
Command Description/Examples
Liv Streamerkit Liv Streamerkit, not to be confused with "Liv", is a chat tool for streamers which has great Beat Saber integration (bombs) and very helpful alert notifications (follow, host, raid, etc.), but it doesn't work in every game, so your mileage may vary. Streamerkit is still somewhat temperamental when it comes to placement of the chat window, but its "head follower" feature is very unique and very helpful in some games.

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