Syrsly's Clip Of The Month

Clip Of The Month November 2020

Wanna win something? Take clips of my streams! Nothing else is required!

Clip Of The Month October 2020

WINNER: "had to push it to 1 more song!!" by UnwellGaming

Prize: 1 choice from my spare game keys, a gift sub and 2,000 srs points!
Reason for winning: Just a funny moment where we kept stretching the time and eventually the Vive Wireless Adapter disconnected.

Runner-Up: "Valhalla Space Program" by DjohnnyBeck

Prize: 2,000 srs points!
Reason I like it: This game was just silly the whole time. DJ caught a good moment.

Honorable mention: Virisanctus' clip

Prize: 2,000 srs points!
Reason I like it: It shows a thing I do quite frequently in Beat Saber: pause songs right before they end. I'm really bad at looking at the timer on the right.

Clip Of The Month September 2020

This month was skipped due to no eligible clips. Boo!

Clip Of The Month August 2020

WINNER: "Look out for the car!" by DjohnnyBeck

Prize: gift sub and 2,000 srs points!
Reason for winning: Johnny captured half of the essence of my channel with this clip. We're a funny bunch, and I'm admittedly not always the best at what I do. I enjoy my failures probably almost as much as you do. The other half of the essence of syrsly? What do you mean? Kappa

Runner-Up: "God Stream" by fakeravens

Prize: 2,000 srs points!
Reason I like it: Just a good moment.

Submit Your Own Clip! Win a free sub and a free Steam key!

If I choose your clip as the best one of the month, you win a free sub to my channel and 2,000 srs points. If you have a sub already, I'll gift the sub to someone random. You'll also be given a choice of Steam game keys to redeem from my spare collection. Normally, a Steam key redemption costs 20,000 channel points and you have to be a subscriber, but if you win the clip of the month, it's free.

In the future, the prizes may improve based on the quantity and quality of clips and the traffic they bring in. I will also be incorporating my favorite clips into my BRB scenes and intros and outros and other promotional material and may post these clips on social media with or without attribution.